Figure drawing in the artrtoom gives us new perspective, and new skills. Later on we did a drawing in the 80's style of artist Keith Harring.

The Kindergardeners learned how explorers used compasses and the stars to navigate the dangerous oceans and reach new lands. These clipper ships look pretty amazing; adrift in the midnight mist. Two of our artists from Mrs. Russell's room display their knowledge of all things nautical.

Ships in the Foggy Night
The second graders made clay cupcake containers recently, and boy were they excited to put the glaze colors on and really make them come to life. When they come out of the kiln they will be so bright and shiney. We can't wait!!

two cute.JPGHello, everyone.

I hope this Wiki will help me to bring art of all styles to your interactive screens.

I also hope that we should come to know the great accomplishments of inspired persons together.

Perhaps we may even one day join them in becoming a piece of the ever changing human experiment that is art.

This is my first Wiki, so please comment if you have any good advice for me. Thanks to Alex Mitevski, Art Teacher at West Harlan for inspiring me to start my own wiki and for lending me so much great content! Thanks to Ann Llewelyn and Vicki Pascaretti for getting me template ready. ok. Here we go.....

Last week we made some art from recycled art to honor America Recycles Day, November 15th. The tops made from recycled CDs, marker tops, and marbles is one of my favorite projects ever. A great way to use those old CDs for something truly dizzying. Have a parent operate the hot glue gun if you decide to put one together.

Screen Shot 2012-11-25 at 10.04.27 PM.png